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“Chadbourne is receptive to creative fee arrangements and has been able to provide realistic fees and expenses for individual matters.” – Rockwell Automation

Chadbourne’s Intellectual Property Group has the experience to advise clients on any transaction involving intellectual property or technology. By partnering with our corporate lawyers, we can provide a complete solution to any transactional needs.

Today, intellectual property and other intangible assets represent some of a company’s most significant and valuable assets. Because Chadbourne’s IP group understands both technology and the law, we can help clients efficiently protect those intangible assets, from drafting and negotiating IP provisions in agreements to conducting due diligence on IP assets, on assets a client is considering buying or licensing, or the IP assets of a competitor. From patents to trademarks to copyrights to trade secrets, if the deal touches intellectual property or technology, we have the expertise clients are looking for.

We provide IP services related to:

  • M&A agreements
  • Corporate finance and capital markets agreements
  • Project finance agreements
  • IP/technology licensing agreements
  • IP due diligence (ownership, validity and transferability of IP assets)
  • IP audits (strength and scope of IP assets)
  • Licensing agreements (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets)
  • Joint ventures/strategic alliances
  • Joint development agreements
  • Technology transfer
  • Software development and licensing, including Open Source
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