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Chadbourne has compiled an outstanding record in lobbying the US Congress and the executive branch on behalf of clients. It has had a very high win-loss ratio on matters before Congress and federal agencies. Part of the reason for the firm’s unusual track record is that Chadbourne is selective about matters it will agree to take on: the firm lobbies on only two or three issues each year. We use lawyers to lobby, not full-time lobbyists, and we typically lobby in the same substantive areas in which our lawyers are handling transactions. This gives us an edge in competing for the attention of busy government officials, because we bring a thorough technical knowledge of the issues to the table. It also gives us the ability to react quickly when legislation is being drafted or an administrative rule is being written.

Chadbourne has had a Washington office since 1937, making it one of the oldest branch offices of any out-of-town firm in Washington. Several Chadbourne project finance lawyers have worked in key government positions.

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