September 29, 2010
2680 Bancroft Way

Please join us on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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The Bancroft Hotel
2680 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, California


Welcome - Registration & Breakfast 8:15 am

I. Introduction – What is "Open Innovation"?                                        9:00 am 
    Brief Welcome:
Overview of Forum motivations, scope and objectives 
    Keynote: Prof. Henry Chesbrough (U.C. Berkeley), Marshall Phelps 

II. Foundational Models 1                                                                           9:30 am 
    Topic: JVs, Standards, Patent Pools & Cross-Licensing 
    Speakers: Marshall Phelps, Mallun Yen (Cisco), Leo Novakoski (Microsoft), 
    Sandy Bloch (IBM), Gary Loeb (Genentech) 

    Mid Morning Break                                                                                 10:45 am

III. Foundational Models 2                                                                          11:00 am 

    Topic: Small Inventor Product Development Funnels; Consumer Products 
    Speakers: Andy Gilcinski (Clorox), Shaila Ruparel (Finisar), 
    John Funk (Evergreen IP), John Murphy (T-Mobile)

Lunch Break                                                                                                 12:15 pm 
Marshall Phelps (Microsoft)

IV. Recent Revolutions                                                                               1:30 pm 
Open Source, Open APIs and Web Services 
    Speakers: Gary Spiegel (Oracle), Karna Nisewaner (Intuit), Harvey Anderson (Mozilla) 

    Mid Afternoon Break                                                                               2:45 pm

V. Emerging Trends                                                                                    3:00 pm 

    Topic: App Stores and Widgets for Internet-Connected Smart Devices 
    Speakers: Juan Gonzalez (KPMG), Andrew Torrance (University of Kansas), 
    Matt Ocko (Arch Capital)

VI. Forward Looking Prospects                                                                4:15 pm 
    Topic: Energy, Clean Technology; Financial Services; IP Licensing 
    Speakers: Manavinder Bains (NYSE Euronext), Lisa Green (Creative Commons), 
    Paul Saraceni (RPX Corporation), Nicholas Mack (Sungevity)

Closing Address & Reception                                                                    5:30 pm



Panelists include leaders from the following companies and organizations: 

  • Microsoft
  • U.C. Berkeley 
  • Genentech 
  • NYSE Euronext 
  • Cisco Systems 
  • IBM 
  • Mozilla Foundation 
  • Oracle 
  • Clorox 
  • Creative Commons
  • CBS Interactive   

*Detailed biographies of speakers coming soon...