Training/Career Development

Chadbourne puts great emphasis on the training and mentoring necessary to help new associates make the transition from the study of law to the practice of law. The firm is committed to continuing our lawyers’ training and development throughout their careers. Experienced lawyers benefit from the firm’s continuing legal education programming, presentations and workshops specific to senior lawyers, and a newly formed mentoring network. 

Our approach includes: 

  •  Formal training in departments, tailored to the nature and size of the practice area 
  •  Informal on-the-job training in all practice areas
  •  Professional skills training conducted by outside consultants
  •  Formal mentoring programs and events for newly admitted lawyers
  •  Support and encouragement  for the development of organic mentor/mentee relationships

Chadbourne hires some of the field’s leading professional consultants to present firmwide practical skills programs in areas involving; written and oral communication, time management, finance, presentation skills for lawyers, law practice management, executive presence, and many other topics.  Our Professional Development team is always searching for the most pertinent training sessions to assist lawyers with achieving their professional goals as they develop throughout their careers at Chadbourne.    

In addition to the in-house training program, associates are encouraged to attend (at the firm’s expense) workshops on professional skills and legal developments conducted by outside groups such as the Practicing Law Institute and the New York City Bar.  The firm holds a Privileged membership with the Practicing Law Institute and a Passport membership with the New York City Bar enabling Chadbourne lawyers to attend most programs offered by these two groups at no additional charge.  Chadbourne has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an accredited provider of continuing legal education.Please also see the links below for information on practice group specific training:

  •  Corporate/M&A 
  •  Project Finance: Energy and Infrastructure 
  •  Litigation and Arbitration 
  •  Other Departments 


In addition to “hands-on” experience, the corporate department provides an in-house training program.  The Corporate/M&A First Year Training Program covers the practical “nuts and bolts” of corporate matters, along with sessions on securities law issues, understanding and drafting transactional documents, and  practical “tips and tricks” for new corporate lawyers. This program develops an introductory framework for understanding transactional matters, and includes an overview of the relevant terminology. First years from bankruptcy, tax, and other transactional groups are invited to attend corporate first-year trainings.

Department wide training topics cover new developments and issues relevant to corporate lawyers, typically in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, securities, private equity and finance. All lawyers in the corporate department are offered the opportunity to attend any project finance training programs of interest to them.  Associates in the corporate department generally have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to work on assignments from each of three basic practice areas, assigned by department coordinators:

  • Securities, financing, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate work for our large public clients 
  • Matters involving US and non-US private fund clients, including fund formation and transactional work such as mergers, acquisitions and financing
  • Traditional and structured financing transactions representing lending institutions and borrowers

Partners and senior associates in the corporate group work closely with new lawyers on these assignments. Junior associates benefit from careful examination of work product and frequent team discussions of complex issues or difficult negotiations. This interaction helps associates develop the skills to handle transactions, eventually, on their own.  

Project Finance: Energy and Infrastructure

Project finance associates focus on the firm’s renowned energy and infrastructure practice, developing their knowledge of traditional and renewable energy sectors and infrastructure development and finance, domestically and internationally. The wide-ranging nature of the project finance practice exposes associates to all facets of a transactional based practice, including project development, financing, mergers, acquisitions and private equity transactions. 

Project finance first year associates benefit from a comprehensive “Project Finance Boot Camp,” designed to arm them with all the tools necessary to understand the technology and framework of Project Finance transactions. Our new lawyers are given the opportunity to work closely with partners and more senior associates on project finance assignments. As part of the Project Finance Group, junior associates benefit from in-depth analyses of work product and are privy to team discussions regarding negotiations. These interactions create a solid foundation to develop skills and handle transactions.

Experienced lawyers are offered regular training sessions on core subjects, as well as recent developments. Senior associates and partners often present on subject matter relevant to the global Project Finance Group.    

Litigation and Arbitration

Associates in our litigation department work on all aspects of litigation proceedings. Typical assignments include developing the legal and factual issues that will shape a litigation matter, and drafting of the pleadings and motions that are critical to any case. As they progress, associates are given greater responsibilities, including arguing motions, conducting and defending depositions, participating in trials, and working with partners and clients to develop overall litigation strategy. Our litigation associates work closely with partners and more senior lawyers, and receive considerable on-the-job training and professional development from this interaction. 

Ultimately, the best way for an associate to develop his or her skills is by working on actual cases. Beyond hands-on training, several levels of training are available for members of the litigation department to assist them in developing the skills that successful litigators need to master. These skills are valuable whether they represent clients in commercial, securities, products liability, employment, or any other of our litigation practice areas. 

In their first year, associates attend a nine-session training course, taught by our own partners. The course focuses on the refinement of practical "real-world" litigation skills. Topics include drafting of pleadings and motions, written discovery, depositions, and ultimately, preparation for trial.The litigation department also offers a series of “Top Ten” programs for all levels of lawyers in the group. These programs feature presentations on white collar criminal defense, patent law, bankruptcy, effective presentations, among other topics. The litigation department also offers workshops and programs conducted by outside consultants such as law practice management and deposition skills. 

Other Departments

The Employment, Insurance and Reinsurance, Real Estate, Tax and Trusts & Estates departments also provide targeted training. In addition to group seminars, significant training is conducted one-on-one while working on client matters. In addition, all of our departments hold regular meetings to discuss emerging legal issues. 

The Tax and Trusts, Estates and Private Clients departments supplement on-the-job training with advanced academic coursework. Associates in these departments are strongly encouraged to enroll, at the firm’s expense, in the LL.M. tax program at New York University School of Law.


Through the firm’s formal mentoring program, each new associate is assigned a junior and senior mentor to help ease their transition into the firm. Mentor/mentee events such as lunches, coffee breaks, and activities throughout the city give the group a chance to get to know each other and form lasting relationships.  Having just completed their first year at Chadbourne, second-year associates act as junior mentors who will become your go-to source for questions as they arise throughout your first year. Senior mentor assignments offer new associates one-on-one time with a dedicated partner or counsel. Of course, many of the most important mentor relationships are formed organically. The firm supports and encourages these relationships by providing a budget for mentor/mentee lunches.  

Lateral associates are assigned a peer mentor upon their arrival at the firm. These mentors assist the new associate with integrating into the firm culture and navigating their first year at Chadbourne.

Diversity Initiatives

Diversity is a core value at Chadbourne. We believe that drawing on a variety of experiences, backgrounds and ideas enriches our workplace. Our lawyers hail from numerous countries around the world and speak several dozen languages, uniquely positioning them to meet the challenges of the new global economy. Chadbourne consistently ranks among the top 50 firms in The American Lawyer's Diversity Scorecard, and 2014 proved to be no different, as we ranked 28th out of 223 law firms.

We are serious about devoting firmwide resources to enhancing diversity at Chadbourne. That level of commitment shows in our Diversity Initiatives Committee, which is led by two partners, Marian Baldwin Fuerst and Vincent Dunn. The Committee includes partners, associates, staff and the Firm’s Manager of Career Development & Diversity.

Committee members bring distinct perspectives and life experiences to their service. They ensure that the Committee considers projects that include, among others, a range of LGBT, gender and ethnically-related perspectives.

The Committee oversees Chadbourne’s programs to maintain a diverse community, which include:

  • Requiring all partners and employees to attend a sensitivity training program that covers policies relating to discrimination, harassment and diversity.
  • Offering a compensation gross-up that offsets the tax disadvantage previously faced by the Firm’s LGBT lawyers and staff who cover domestic partners under their health insurance plans.
  • Participating in the activities of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York’s (NY City Bar's) Committee to Enhance Diversity in the Profession.
  • Supporting three affinity groups: the Diverse Lawyers Network, the LGBT-Straight Alliance and the Women's Initiatives Group. These groups allow lawyers and staff to gather socially, to network, and to share ideas and experiences.
  • Providing an Ombuds accessible to lawyers and staff on a confidential basis to discuss any individual’s concerns about our workplace environment. He may offer the individual options for handling and resolving the issue or concern, and also can provide information about the firm’s formal complaint procedures.
  • Making part-time and flex-time work options available.

Chadbourne is proud to support a number of diversity-related associations and charitable organizations such as the following:

  •  Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund (AALDEF)
  • The American Civil Liberties Union's (ACLU's) LGBT & AIDS Project
  • Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC)
  • Law & ReOrder (formerly known as Flex-Time Lawyers LLC)
  • Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Law Association of Greater New York (LeGaL)
  • Metropolitan Black Bar Association (MBBA)
  • Minority Corporate Council Association (MCCA)
  • NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch
  • National Lesbian and Gay Law Association, Lavender Law Conference
  • New York Women's Foundation
  • Practicing Lawyers for Law Students Program, Inc. (PALS Program)
  • South Asian Bar Association of New York (SABANY)
  • Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF)
  • United Negro College Fund
  • The MinKwon Center for Community Action

Women’s Initiatives

Chadbourne is committed to the recruitment, retention and advancement of our women lawyers and strives to create an environment in which they can grow professionally, develop successful legal practices, and flourish as leaders both within our firm and in our communities. As part of Chadbourne's commitment to diversity in general and particularly to the success and retention of women at the firm, we created a women’s initiative called the Women's Initiatives Group (WIG).  Each year, WIG provides mutual support, professional growth, and personal development opportunities to women lawyers at the firm. WIG creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, enthusiasm and laughter for women lawyers that enriches the law firm experience and provides opportunities to meet and network with our clients on a professional, yet personal, level.

Mission Statement.  WIG’s mission is to create and enhance opportunities for women lawyers to succeed and become leaders, to maintain a supportive working environment for women at Chadbourne, and to foster discussion and knowledge about women’s issues in the workplace and the community at large.

Events.  WIG holds regular and special events around topics of interest to its members and to the legal community. Topics for educational seminars have included business development, financial planning, work-life balance, networking, and the importance of maintaining diversity in the workplace. WIG also hosts social events such as wine tastings, coffee breaks, articles discussions and walking tours. These events not only allow lawyers to mingle in a relaxed setting, but also lead to mentoring relationships and good networking opportunities. Past events have included:

  • Career Insights Over Coffee – WIG hosts bi-monthly casual meetings where partners or counsel speak to associates in a relaxed setting about their career path, give tips, and answer questions.
  • Articles Club – Another bi-monthly meeting, Articles Club is like a “book club,” where men and women read and then discuss salient articles about women in the workplace. 
  • Women’s History Month – Each year, WIG hosts an event to mark Women’s History Month.  Past events have included the evolution of the law governing women’s reproductive rights, women’s role in the military, and the role of women in national security.
  • Speakers – WIG periodically hosts special events featuring various speakers. Juliette Kayyem, Professor in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, spoke to the firm in March 2015 about homeland security. Chief Judge Loretta A. Preska of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York spoke to the firm in July of 2014, and tailored her discussion to both young associates and women lawyers generally.  Kim Azzarelli, Founding Partner of Seneca Point Global, spoke to the firm on how to realize the economic value of empowering women in the workplace in November 2014.
  • Social Events – WIG hosts a variety of social events, which in the past have included a walking tour of the art of Rockefeller Plaza, wine tasting, a private tour of the MoMA, and Paint Nite.

Chadbourne is a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers. 

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