Nanotechnology, which refers to the science of manipulating and engineering matter at the atomic and molecular level, is an interdisciplinary field of vast potential economic significance that is expected to cut deeply across all sectors of the global economy — touching such diverse areas as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, manufacturing, communications, energy and transportation. Indeed, it is estimated that nano-based global commerce will amount to some $1.5 trillion by 2015. Jockeying for a share of this dynamic market, governments, industry and academic institutions globally are investing billions of dollars — both separately and through unique public-private partnerships of one sort or another — in state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and related expertise to support the research and development effort needed to bring innovative nanotechnology-based products and services to the marketplace.

Successfully capitalizing on the myriad commercial and other opportunities being opened internationally by the emerging field of nanotechnology, while at the same time accounting for and managing its unique challenges, calls for legal counsel every bit as innovative and interdisciplinary as the nature of nanotechnology itself.

Drawing upon attorneys from various practice groups, Chadbourne's transdisciplinary nanotechnologies practice offers clients the full spectrum of legal counsel needed to move and manage innovative nanotechnology-based products and services in the marketplace — for purposes of capital investment, intellectual property, insurance and reinsurance, tax, public policy, regulation and products liability matters, among others. At the same time, Chadbourne is able to advise clients in jurisdictions around the world on the strength of nine overseas offices in which Chadbourne is able to offer local law capability to our clients conducting business in numerous overseas locations under both common and civil law legal regimes. We also enjoy longstanding relationships with local law firms internationally in those countries where we do not have offices or practices, and these relationships are built on Chadbourne’s decades-long representation of tobacco, alcohol, energy, infrastructure and pharmaceutical interests in complex cross-border litigation, corporate and project finance matters.

Notably, Chadbourne's nanotechnologies practice includes The Honorable George E. Pataki, whose public policy initiatives and state-funded investments in support of nanotechnology while governor of New York positioned the state as a worldwide leader in state-of-the-art, high-tech, university-based research and economic partnership with commercial interests of all sizes. He also was instrumental in the creation of the nation's first (and now leading) college of nanotechnology at the University at Albany — part of the SUNY system. Since 2001, this initiative has leveraged almost $5 billion in private sector investment.

Chadbourne understands that nanotechnology will present challenges and opportunities for a host of industries. Clients routinely call upon Chadbourne's experience facilitating private equity investments, capital markets access, temporary and long-term financing, and mergers and acquisitions of new or established enterprises. Chadbourne's extensive experience in the venture capital and private equity transactional areas, representing venture, buyout and hedge funds as well as investors in the infrastructure and renewables and alternative energy sectors, when coupled with our exit experience in international initial public offerings, has positioned Chadbourne as a market leader in nanotechnology, particularly in the infrastructure and alternative energy sectors.

Chadbourne follows its clients throughout their entire corporate life cycles across the myriad legal systems and jurisdictions that characterize modern business. Notably, Chadbourne has already helped build industries where none previously existed in fields such as independent power and biofuels, and in markets as diverse as Latin America, Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia.

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