Government Contracts

Chadbourne has represented clients in government contract matters for more than 40 years. With this extensive experience representing large and small companies, as prime contractors or subcontractors, comes an understanding of the nature of our clients’ business. We can offer an impressive array of skills and service in the federal procurement process, both in litigation and in navigating the maze of regulatory issues that confront government contractors.

We have represented government contractors in all types of litigation, from seeking affirmative relief, such as bringing bid protests and requests for equitable adjustment for delay, disruption and changes, to defending clients against government allegations, such as those involving violations of procurement statutes and civil and criminal fraud. We also have arbitrated and litigated disputes between prime contractors and subcontractors. Our work routinely takes us before both state and federal trial and appellate courts around the country, as well as administrative agencies and boards of contract appeals.

Our lawyers regularly advise clients on all aspects of the federal procurement process, from bid preparation and submittal through contract completion. This includes issues relating to:

  • certification requirements
  • contract interpretation
  • cost allowability and other pricing issues
  • proposal and bid preparation
  • security clearance issues
  • technical data rights
  • terminations for default and convenience

We are also proud of our record in defending clients against defective pricing allegations. Several of our attorneys are very experienced in this area and have assisted clients in defending against allegations of defective pricing that, in the aggregate, total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We have regularly persuaded the government to either withdraw multimillion dollar allegations completely or settle them for nominal amounts. We believe that our painstaking investigation of the facts in these matters—as well as our intimate knowledge and creative application of the law—has paid our clients rich dividends.

Representative Experience

Government Contracts
Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Litigation and U.S. government contracts for an industrial company.
Energy Litigation
Allegheny Energy Supply Company
Defense of energy company in claims made by the State of California before FERC to abrogate over $12 billion of energy supply contracts.
Dispute Regarding Civil False Claims Act Liability
Rockwell International Corporation
Appeal to Civilian Board of Contract Appeals seeking reimbursement of disallowed costs.
Government Contract Dispute
Rockwell International Corporation
Case against the federal government, arising out of client's management of a nuclear facility.
Recovery of Criminal Investigation Costs
Rockwell International Corporation
Advice to client in connection with a criminal investigation concerning environmental violations at a nuclear facility.
Dispute Concerning the Allowability of Tax Costs
Rockwell International Corporation
Appeal to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit regarding allowability of environmental tax costs.
Dispute Regarding Civil False Claims Act Liability
Rockwell International Corporation
Advice to client against allegations that it failed to provide the United States Government with accurate cost data in negotiating contracts to develop the B1-B bomber.
Government Contract Dispute
Rockwell International Corporation
Advice to client concerning the termination of a government contract relating to a missile mobilization program.
Dispute Concerning Award Fees
Rockwell International Corporation
Action in United States Court of Federal Claims seeking additional award fees to be paid by the U.S. government.
Defective Pricing Cases
Rockwell International Corporation
Advice to client in responding to over 50 defective pricing audits in connection with the B-1B Bomber program.

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