Administrative Management

For a list of Chadbourne's office locations and phone numbers, please visit the Offices page. For attorney recruiting and personnel contact information, visit the How to Apply for Attorney Positions page.

For media inquiries, please visit the Media Contacts page.

Other inquiries may be directed to one of the contacts listed below:

Lisa Palestine
Chief Operating Officer
+1 (212) 408-1155

Curt Meltzer
Chief Information Officer
+1 (646) 356-2510

Nora Shearer
Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer
+1 (212) 408-5240

Terry Wang
Chief Financial Officer
+1 (646) 356-2539


Lillian Arcuri
Director of Research Services & Libraries
+1 (212) 408-1094

Lisa Featherson
Director of Legal Personnel & Associate Recruiting
+1 (212) 408-5103

Nancy Gray
Senior Director—Operations and Administration
+1 (646) 356-2536

Anita Jeppesen
Director of International Administration
+1 (202) 974-5651

Laurie Mallach
Director of Global Partner Recruitment
+1 (212) 408-5310

General inquiries may be directed to